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Hallo dear reader, on this page, I will show You the more crazy and darker part of myself.

Here I show You my favorite freetime-doings and likings in the Internet.

Be Careful!!!
Some things are very kinky and not advisable for children and adolescents (NC18 or X-rated), if You are not of legal age, or very sensible to some themes, please leave this page now. I will mark this parts.
Thank You.

In the Internet You get a lot of information, useful, scientific, funny and asinine.

  • useful pages
  • (pseudo-)science pages
  • funny pages
  • Please excuse my mistakes, English is not my mother-tong.

    I'm not responsible for the content of the linked web pages. As you enter there, you must be aware, that they might contain adult material.


    useful pages

    To look up, famous and notorious: Wikipedia.
    If You follow the link at the bottom of the page, sometime You can find professional publications to the theme.

    You need a translation for a german word, which isn't in Your dictionary?
    Look at Leo.org. An extensive dictionary for several languages.
    Not only words and idioms will be translatet, there is a bulletin board with help to translate technical terms in professional textes. And sometimes there will be discussions with several opinions, which can be very entertaining.
    Additional languages are French, Spanish and Italian, but not so extensive like the English part.

    You are looking for....???

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    (pseudo-)science pages

    Very interesting is a page named Heavens Above:
    You can look up astronomical datas: e.g. sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset for Your location, information about visible crossings of satellites, e.g. the International Space Station, and a lot of other informations.
    The page is easy designed and fast. Language: English

    You like animals? There are a lot of webcams in zoos, the free nature and other locations. This pages are advisable for children.
    Every year I like to watch the brooding and upbringing of storks and Peregrin-falcons.

    The storknest Storchennest is in Vetschau/Lausitz, a part in Germany. If You wish to watch remember the time of the daylight, the timezone MEZ is an hour before Greenwich-Main-Time.
    From April to August You can watch the brooding and rising of the hatchlings, every three seconds the webcam transmits a new picture from the nest. Further You can read of the situation of the storks in Germany. Languages: German and English.

    Equal is the page of the Peregrin-Falcons in Rochester, USA, Standart-Eastern-Time.
    Five webcams allows to watch the hatchlings. A lot of additional informations are available. PDF's are available for pupils and teachers. Language: English.


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    !!! The Maintheme of Humankind: SEX and LOVE and EROTIC!!!

    Pages about different human sexuality with informations and bulletin boards:

    Please, Parents, supervise Your children, if they visit this pages!

    A short time ago I find the word Polyamory, it was unknown to me, and I was fascinated of its contents and the complexity of the theme.

    More known is Bisexuality. BineNet is in Germany a communication-page for people, who live this lifestyle and their partners.
    Besides basic information and communication, it provides a magazin with the social highlights of the community (PDF). Language: German.

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    funny pages

    One of my most liked pages is FanfictionNet: Here You find a nice start into the world of fantasie of authors, who in admiration for their heroes of books, movies, TV-shows etc., make their own fantasies available for others.
    Alternate universes with new stories..., What do the heroes after the Credit-Rolls?, and much more.
    A lot of languages are available. Through Drop-Down-Menues You can choose language, size and other things.
    Follow the profil of the authors to their personal homepage, sometimes they contain further stories.
    The quality and quantity of the stories differs.

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    Last update and correction of this page: April 2008